Top Retention Tips

Top Retention Tips

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Are you at all worried about losing your top talent to another business? According to a recent Hudson’s Employee  survey, 70% of employees surveyed are considering changing jobs in 2012. Coupled with the ease of finding alternative work on the internet without even leaving your desk, this is a startling statistic for employers trying to retain their top performers. Clever employers should be putting measures in place now to refocus their key people on the benefits of staying where they are.

Here are 8 things you can do right now to help your key people change their minds about looking elsewhere!

  1. Conduct a Stay Interview with your top performing 20% employees (or more, if you like!).
  2. Ensure your vision is clear and then share it with your management team. Facilitate the sharing of that vision with the entire business.
  3. Prepare targeted leadership plans for your developing (emerging) leaders and stick to them.
  4. Consult with your people regarding flexible ways to deliver business goals (part-time, job share, work from home, etc.). Put some of the suggestions into place.
  5. Introduce ways to motivate people to stay fit and healthy (start a cycling team, biggest loser, charity runs). This not only assists with individual health and fitness, it offers people a separate community.
  6. Work with your senior leadership team to collaborate as a team versus a group of highly qualified leaders.
  7. Recognise people for efforts – not just achievement of goals. This should be done both formally and informally.
  8. Give people constructive feedback when required. Address issues early so they can be rectified.

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