Best Practice and Compliance

Most people start a business doing what they do best. If what you do best is not HR, the last thing you need to be thinking about is employment policies and HR forms! We provide plain english and current employment policies, procedures and all the forms you require – plus they’re easy to understand and even easier to implement.

Why not download our free guide: “HR Basics for New and Small Businesses”. It is an invaluable resource which answers those questions that are probably beginning to keep you awake at night!

We also offer (completely free) some common HR templates and forms on our Resources page…because why should you have to create what someone else has already done??


DIY Policies and Procedures

Here are some current resources we have available. You can invest specifically in those you need or we’ve made it easy to access all of them with our full “HR Employment Manual” option and save 40%!

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. Privacy Policy
  3. Pre-Employment Paperwork (including forms and templates)
  4. Induction Procedure (including checklists)
  5. Counselling and Discipline Policy and Procedure
  6. Email and internet usage Policy
  7. Equal Opportunity and Bullying Policy
  8. Grievance Procedure
  9. Leave Policy
  10. Motor Vehicle Policy (including Agreement

or if you need them all, why not get the Complete HR Policy Manual.

Click here for a sample of our Procedures (coming soon)

Click here for a sample of our Policies (coming soon)

Our Policies and Procedures are designed with flexibility to translate across a range of businesses and industries. All you need to do to start using them today is remove “Core HR Services” and replace it with your own business name.

It’s that simple.